B I A N C A  R Ü T E R B O R I E S Bianca Rüterbories: HfBK Defender Fire Bianca Rüterbories, HfBK Defender Bianca Rüterbories: HfBK Defender Conquest (HfBK Defender) HfBK Defender Shield Q: Are you Xena? Tomb Raider? A: ... Jeanne D’Arc? The latest James Bond girl? Nice attempt but no, it ain’t so. I am HfBK Defender and defending is my duty. Q: Cahn wee teyk eh photou wit yooou? A: Anytime! Q: Do you carry your sword like a symbolic ornamental object, essentially? A: Thus I do excercise a lot you can imagine the amount of energy and strength inside my body and mind I would be able to use in an urgent dangerous situation. Adrenaline makes me go wild. Q: I can’t tell if I find you amazing or rather scare my pants off  ... A: There’s reason for both. Let’s be honest to yourself: Doesn’t that make me even more interesting? Q: Are you freakin’ crazy? A: Most definitely! Q: Do you see yourself as a goddess? A: I might look like Jesus but hell no, I ain’t no megalomaniac! Q: Are you an aggressive person in general? A: Sure ..! Sort of. I go to the woods everyday to hunt deer with my bare fists. I am quite successful ... Q: Where is your sword?! (Frequently asked when out of town) A: I chose the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden to be defended. Not the city, the state or even the whole universe. Fortitude needs to be portioned. Now that you’re asking ... I might think about further options for my future plans. Q: This whole thing is kinda funny. A: For me it is very true and important. If it causes you laughs I did some good. Enjoy yer day, mate! Q: Since when are you defending the academy? A: I made my first sword of broken stretcher’s wood after I destroyed a whole bunch of artworks. At the same time an art thief stole several paintings of fellow students from their studios. A new era had begun – for the academy’s security as well as for myself. Q: Why? A: Some things are worth fighting for. And if you do fight for them, eventually, life’s worth living. Q: I don’t like you. I am wasting my time. A: It’s your time. There you go ... Thanks for checking me out though. Q: I recognised that short sword you have. What is it all about? A: This is my ultimate sword for journeys, short trips and vacation. It is suitable for backpacks, suitcases and transportable in every airplane! The x-rays are legitimate for it’s of wooden material. Comes in handy! Q: You are stupid as f***! Why the hell are you acting like a jerk? A: I am being myself and I love it. If this is not what pleases you, exactly ... Well, I don’t give a sh*t ’cause I am happy and everybody deserves his own opinion, whatever that might be – it’s up to you and I am gonna tolerate your point of view. Q: You are a self-absorbed anti-social a**h*le! A: Sometimes I might be – depends on your treatment. HfBK Defender Bianca Rüterbories HfBK Defender Bianca Rüterbories HfBK Defender Bianca Rüterbories HfBK Defender Bianca Rüterbories HfBK Defender Bianca Rüterbories HfBK Defender Bianca Rüterbories PHOTOS OF THE ERA