B I A N C A  R Ü T E R B O R I E S Bianca Rüterbories S T A T S Height: 180 cm Height wearing cowboy boots: 184 cm Body Mass Index: I.d.c. (I don’t care) Weight: pure power Physique: Stalwart & heavy bones Occupation: Paint brush tormentor Endurance (physical): 67% Endurance (mental): 100% Determination: 98% Speed: 72% Strength: 89% Dexterity: 95% Reaction: 99% Bounce: 66% Bianca Rüterbories is an artist based in Dresden, Germany. Farer spheres which would help to locate her current mind workspace are unknown yet. Due to the situation of no text existing about the artist’s personality written by a more or less sophisticated human being she attempts to do as good as her writing abilities let her do: “My inner is diverse: I am wild at heart which is bursting in flames like an inferno covering my soul. It is fuel for everything I do and create, further I was given a natural imperfection empowering me to explore and develop further. My work is inspired by my subconscious feelings and emotions, fantastic thounght, dreams, memories as well as by spontaneous moments. I don’t react to news, society or even politics using art. My focus is laid on everything and everyone that matters to me and moves me in which way whatsoever: my inner empire. As I change, my work will possibly, too. Accordingly, I do not promise to deliver what you might see or expect, indeed, still I promise to deliver.” Bianca Rüterbories